The epicenter of global technology is about to move! Apple park or as its officially called ‘apples new mega-campus’, is opening before the new year in Cupertino, California.

Big tech companies have been making their smart products grow in size and variety. Starting at the classic music players, then to smartphones, smart tablets, smart televisions, smart boards, and finally apple is making a smart oasis. Not referring to Noel and Liam though. I’m referring to Cupertino’s technological oasis that consists of vast meadows with over two miles of cycling and walking paths, spots of drought-resistant trees and an access tunnel which has a small forest planted on top to space yourself from the outside world. Apart from the main doughnut-shaped building, there are many other facilities, including a visitors center, a fitness gym, a theatre named after the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, found in the center of this epicenter. 

Now just to place a sense of the scale of this mega campus, although mega is a scale in itself. The main building is wider than the Pentagon, has a larger diameter as the empire state building is tall and the overall plot could fit more than 100 football fields inside it. Yet this space is not put to waste, with over 1300 employees planned to work there, each has to have access to 7 different cafes. They don’t even have to worry about parking, the park has 14,000 spaces in its giant, solar energy producing parking lot. And if they want to take a break from all this tech and get some fresh air they can take advantage of their surroundings and grab one of the 1,000 freely accessible bicycles and take a tour of the park where they can take a breath of fresh air filtered by over 7,000 trees.

Now. This park isn’t just a green oasis because it filters a bit of air through all its trees, it is also 100% reliable on green energy meaning that all the energy comes from the solar panels on the parking lot roof and the long stretch of solar panels covering the roof of the main building. And you may be thinking that this must seem like a fortune to produce, and it is. Costing at approximately five billion US dollars to apple, which is surprisingly only two percent of the companies savings!

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RGB shades are programable LED glasses that can make any pattern of your choice. They follow the old retro blind model yet unlike the old blind glasses these can actually blind your friends whilst you are comfortably shaded from its light. They are perfect for nightclubs and parties. Now they do come with Pre made moving patterns yet you can easily program your own to give your point of view from your point of view.

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This nifty gadget pairs a music player, mood lighting, centerpiece and flavor enhancer into one doohickey. No even though this sounds really appetising hold your horses for now, it’s just a concept, so you can’t buy one just yet. On the device’s website, it’s pegged more as a smart centrepiece that happens to have a salt dispenser. And a Bluetooth connection to your phone to play music. And a rainbow of light colours to “create the ambience that’s right for the night.” The device hopes to be on Indiegogo by June 15 to raise money for its launch, but in the meantime enjoy the idea of the “first multi-sensory device to make dining experience fun.” The company’s blog includes a few articles about the longtime practice of using centrepieces to decorate the home and innovations in kitchen technology, fusing tradition and the future. Just like this souped-up salt shaker. See more at

This new hilarious accessory is hitting the market with smiles and aid as a fraction of the profits  go to Gearing Up for Gorillas, a non-profit organisation working towards the conservation of gorillas. According to the co-founders behind the Banana Phone, the purpose of the phone is to “put smiles on faces and start great conversation.” It works by pairing up to your smartphone through bluetooth. You can call people through a voice activated common switch or through your contacts on your phone. 

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Liliim have made a two seater prototype flying car which has been known to be called the first of its kind. This taxi is capable of a vertical takeoff and landing as well as having a 180 mile range which it can accomplish in under an hour. And don’t worry about the noise, its makes less sound than a motorbike. This plane has no emissions and uses 90 percent less energy than a regular drone of its size. With the materials, technology and training needed to fly it, Lilium states that it will be no more expensive than taking a car taxi. Uber chose to cooperate with Lilium at the elevate summit conference a while back and only just now has revealed its ideas. They are currently working on the large scale planing of it and changing the vertical agent and decent to four people instead of the current two. Uber have stated that they will publish and demonstrate it in 2020 and  release it to there public in 2021.