This new top of the range car doubles off as a jumper plane. The T-FX is a hybrid between a car and a jumper plane with wings that fold out of its sides. Volvos parent company Geely claim that this new concept car will have a range of 400 miles, under a single charge, cruising at a top speed of 200 miles per hour.

The car simply transfers into a jumper plane by its wings unfolding out of its sides in a matter of seconds. This is followed by its dual electric motors turning vertically upwards and lifting the car in the air. Once its airborne the Dual wing engines go to a resting horizontal position and turn off whist the car gets powered by its rear engine.
The T-FX is being helped with the world renowned space federal agency, NASA. They claim their aim is to cut commute times by more than half. The issue we at Brotato Official ask, what licensing will you need to fly such a vehicle? Would it require a pilots license for a plane, helicopter or if it became self flying would you need nothing more than a driving licence. The predicted price for the T-FX is estimated at £180’000, which is approximately six times more than the average Volvo car.


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The Paris Games Week is the biggest French games convention and probably one of the biggest European games conventions.

It is home for the announcement of many new games, consoles, modes and DLCs.

The big brands like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Activision etc… get their own stands and reveal new articles.

This year was a glorious year for gamers with the revealing of many big budget games.

The spotlight was on Assassin’s creed origin. Call of Duty WWII, Star Wars Battlefront II and Mario Odyssey.


Assassin’s Creed Origin: The new game from the legendary series created by Ubisoft. From the Italian Renaissance to the French Revolution going through the war of American Independence and the Caribbean occupation and now Ancient Egypt; you play as an ancestor of Layla Hassan using the Animus.

In the previous games two groups were confronted, the Templers and the Brotherhood, who both wanted peace but in two radically different ways. The Brotherhood through the assassination of important people and more liberty in the country. On the other hand, the Templers wanted to enforce a strict government and eliminate any one who stood in their way.

In Assassins Creed Origin, you incarnate Bayek, a respected Medjay, in charge of protecting the Siwa Oasis and a young assassin and try to bring peace to Egypt and eliminate corrupted high figures.


This is the game for you if you like open world adventures with an extremely well-done storyline and complex fighting, all done with beautiful graphics.


Call of Duty WWII: The brand-new FPS by Activision. After the total flop of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare the game designers had to make a great game to not risk economic disasters. And it’s a success!!

The game is fantastic, resembling to the bestseller of all time for an FPS: Call of Duty Black-Ops II. The game is very realistic, it has only guns that were used during World War II. The developers listened to the community and have not used jetpacks or specialists and have made score streaks less powerful and harder to obtain.  “Run and Gun “has been modified, a delay of 0.4 seconds has been made which gives advantages to campers, but the small and closed maps in the game do not give campers too much power. The game has a bright future in E-sports and promises a very intense season, with its many game mods: Control point, SND, Capture the flag, Team death match, fortress etc…


As usual, Activision did not deceive us with the campaign mode which is one of the best parts of the game and lets even less skilled players have fun and enjoy the game.


Star Wars Battlefront: After a mediocre first game, EA has launched an open Beta that is way better than the first game but still has some flaws compared to other FPSs like Call of Duty or Battlefield. This game is an action shooter video game based on the Star Wars film franchise. You will be able to play with many different classes in the game and switch to more powerful classes, using points you earn by accomplishing certain things during a match like destroying an enemy space ship or a droid etc.…

The classes vary from droid to Jedi. The fighting mechanics have been improved a lot and have less bugs – the game developers have even added spacecraft fights in space and near the Death Star. The campaign mode is also very complete and amusing, teaching us more details about the Star Wars universe.


Nevertheless, there have been a lot of negative comments about the game, and I have to agree with them. The game has major bugs: a very bad loot crate system, extremely poor servers and some big problems with the multiplayer match making system not to mention the outrageous price of the game.  Also problematic are the season pack and the multiplayer mode for console but this is only the Beta and we hope that EA will be able to tweak these coding mistakes before the actual release, on the 17th of November.


I do not particularly recommend this game even though the campaign mode looks awesome as well as some maps and the different playable characters. If you are a Star Wars and FPS fan you should buy this game but if you just want to play a good FPS I would recommend Call of Duty .


Mario Odyssey: Last but not least we have the new Mario game from the Nintendo franchise that is available on Wii U, Nintendo Switch and 3DS.

For a change, this game has Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach and trying to marry her, instead of locking her up in his castle. The game resembles the play style of Mario 3D but has more levels in many new kingdoms such as the ‘‘Cap Kingdom’’ where he will be helped by a magic cap that will accompany him throughout his adventure. This Mario game seems to have a deeper story line than all the previous ones where you had just to save Princess Peach.


If you like the Mario Games and colorful and creative games in general, and do not mind being enraged for many hours trying to beat the bosses then you will love this game. Its childlike art style hides an extremely hard and intense video game.


As a conclusion, this edition of The Paris Games Week was straight up fantastic. The games that you were able to try this year were breathtaking with many genres for all types of gamers. We hope that next year will be the same, and will be as trilling for gamers, developers, presentators and companies in general



Written by Felix Hill