Since the age of 8, Mario Kart Wii has captured my imagination. From its simple yet entertaining characters to his enthralling races, Mario Kart Wii has been a household name for years. Since its release in 2008, it has not stopped creating fun for all the family. With its unique target audience, anyone can play the game, young or old, experienced or not.

While the Mario Kart was released in 1992 and has had titles released since the release of Mario Kart Wii, no titles have captured not only the iconic and original design of Mario Kart but also a futuristic feel. The more recently released titles, Mario Kart 7 and 8, feel the future of the Mario Kart series. Mario Kart Wii has been a perfect balance and is a fun game, whether you are by yourself or with friends and family.

“A fun game for all the family”

Mario Kart Wii comes with a variety of different features from the 32 races to battle mode, from item boxes to unlockables. Let’s start with the 32 races, these 32 are split into 16 new races and 16 retro Nintendo races. The 32 races all have a different feel from Luigi Circuit, which acts like a usual course Grand Prix circuit to Grumble Volcano has a volcano course that changes throughout the race. Yet out of these 32 races, one stands out above the rest: Rainbow Road. The Mario Kart Wii adaptation of this classic, difficult and famous race is, in my opinion, the best out of the Rainbow Roads in the Mario Kart franchise. The previous edition of the franchise. These retro races have a large retro feel to them while looking brilliant with the graphics of the Wii. Let’s move on to battle mode, which is an entirely different mode from the usual versus races. Battle mode contains two types of battles, corner runners, and balloon battle with a unique experience.

FUN AND ENTERTAINING – The original Mario Kart Wii title

One of the most important features of the game Mario Kart The goal of the game Mario Kart The game is one of the most popular games of the game. These items will be available throughout the map and will give you the player a variety of different items, which will increase their speed, others who will slow down other players. Mario Kart Wii has been set up in a way that you will get better. This is a very ingenious way for Nintendo to create an “any race could be my race” feel to the game. I would argue this is what the game out of other racing games. Whilst there is a lack of a story mode, this is not a problem in the game because of the number of unlockables in the game. From unlocks to unlock, there are over 80 possible variations unlocks in the game. These keep you playing the game. The variety of characters and vehicles means that each player can pick their own preferred character. The fact that they are allied to the fact that they can pick their favorite character without having to worry about that character’s ability. You can even play as yourself on Mario Wii Kart through the use of the Mii characters.

All of these features combine to create an amazing feel to a new version of a very retro game. I believe this combination of retro and new makes Mario Kart Wii the most entertaining and enthralling version of the Mario Kart franchise. Mario Kart Wii is one of the best Mario Kart games ever created and the greatest Wii game ever. On the outside, Mario Kart Wii may have a childish and easy feel to it. I challenge anyone to try and win all the 150cc cups. And even if you do win all of the 150cc cups then you still have a lot of fun.

Written by associate writer: Joe J.

The advancement in technology has only been a recent phenomenon for mankind. However, nature has been innovating for perfection for millions of years. Man has arrived where physics and materials restrain us to push forward. Inspiring from nature’s strategies to push physics boundaries enables men to further innovate. It is a sustainable solution as it is always well adapted to life on earth. Here is one of the millions of nature’s examples: Sharkskin.

These little teeth on the sharkskin are known as denticules. They prevent water swirls and therefore create no resistance for the shark to swim making it much faster. They are what makes the shark completely silent. No parasites can attach to the skin. The engineer used this microstructure to cloak competition sailboats to never have to worry about parasites and algae and increase the speed. Furthermore, recreating these nanostructures to cloak boats is not a pollutant and far more sustainable than using strong and deadly chemicals every 5 years to kill parasites on the boat’s hull.

Swimmers also used it on their swimsuit. They are so effective that they during the Sydney Olympics, 83% of medallists were wearing sharkskin swimsuits and are now forbidden.

Moreover, Sharkskin doesn’t only apply to ships but also to aeronautics. In 2013, Lufthansa undertook two years of test involving covering an airbus-340 and 300 with denticules. They calculated that if a plane was covered by 40 to 70% of shark skin technology, it could decrease the fuel consumption by 1%. The equivalent of 90’000 tones of kerosene by plane each year. Therefore, just by cloaking part of a plane with sharkskin could save a phenomenal number of tones each year knowing there are about 6000 planes the air right now.

This outstanding innovative leap for mankind is a result of inspiring from nature, which had millions of years to find a solution such as reducing swirling and make sharks silent and fast predators. This is just an example of the discovered nanostructure or adaptations of animals capable of changing our lives such as geckos, lotus flowers Mantis shrimps, night butterflies and many more…

Picture Credits: Pascal Deynat/Odontobase

Emojis have become a vital part of the world. There are small cartoons can add expression to an argument, brighten up a text and even help couples know about each other’s feelings. Yet more than hundred emojis, on peoples keyboards, I find people today do not seem to understand a fairly large amount of our language. In this article I will help you understand 5 of the most strange emojis on your keyboards, helping you get one step closer to an emoji guru.
Sleepy face ?
You may be confused thinking this is a badly drawn crying person or a sick man with a droplet of snot falling off his face, but it is actually the eastern equivalent of the  ? emoji.
In Japanese anime has a single snot bubble rising and falling in the rhythm of the character breathing is the same as the zzz in the western cartoons.
 Fun fact: you can confuse your friends by saying “night guys  ?” and see their reaction.
pager ?
The pager may be a device of their parents or TV shows such as Friends. This emoji can be used in the context of trying to get somebody picking your phone.
Fun fact: The number displayed in the most different terms (eg is 555-3215 while google is 888888 and messenger is 555-1212)
Card index ?
An index file is a bit of information at the corner of a document. This is often used to indicate someone’s contact. Eg contact Johns contact info “Apple contact card refers to the character of John Appleseed, who has appeared in most of Johnny Appleseed’s prototypes and is often found elsewhere. His contact card looks something like this:
John Appleseed
125 Main St.
City Name, CA 95014
Work: (408) 123 4567
Home: (400) 765 4321
Fun fact: 95014 is the postcode for Cupertino California, the location of apples new mega-campus (read more on the mega-campus at )
Wind Chime ?
Although it is often referred to as the jellyfish, it is actually a called wind chime. While in reality, it is actually an emoji of a wind bell, a popular glass decoration used in Japan. Unless you know its meaning it’s not overly helpful, yet a friendly chat between two emoji connoisseurs it could be used as ‘oh I had a great walk home today, the  ☀‘ were shining the  ? were singing and the  ? were chiming ‘
Hot Springs ♨
This emoji is surprisingly underused in western culture while very popular in Japan. This is due to Japan having a lot of hot springs because of their large amount of volcanic activity. On many Japanese maps or on road signs you can see this emoji symbol.
Fun fact: it is often used to refer to steam or a hot beverage especially in western culture.