This product, released in 2016, has managed to stay near the top of the market for high quality, yet affordable VR headset. The remote is easy to recenter and stays centred for long periods of time whilst keeping accurate to your hand movements. Whether its fighting and spell casting or playing mini golf this has not yet failed me.

Yet the determining factor which gives this product so much benefit compared to other VR headsets is that it works so well for 360 degrees photos and with the google pixels astonishing camera the headset allows you to walk right back into a memory. The headset is also compatible with the Moto Z, Huawei Mate 9 Pro and ZTE Axon 7 as well as joining Samsung with an update available for the Galaxy S8 and higher. The other large appeal is how easy it is to use with an inbuilt display similar to the oculus and the set up literally being a card saying download and open the daydream app (google phones already have it preinstalled) and put the phone in the said slip. From there it’ll give you a very straightforward tutorial on using the controller. Overall it is a great headset and in my opinion the best VR experience with Pixel phones.