The James Webb telescope is a new, massive, state of the art telescope which will be launched on 30th of March, 2021.

It has a 6.5 m wide, individually adjustable 18 segment primary mirror with an area six times larger than the Hubble’s primary mirror and one better than the Hubble. It will be deployed using an origami-like unfolding system where the small dense object will become a massive space telescope. Its sun shield and other thermoregulatory homeostatic devices give it an increase in temperature and pressure allowing it to operate only a few degrees above absolute zero.

You might ask yourself how this telescope is going to help the world. Well, it has amazing possible implications for space exploration, such as it can detect water vapor on distant planets which can give an indication of where. It has uncomparable inferred sensitivity allowing it to be observed heat traces of galaxies for the last 13.5 billion of years.