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The Muddle Of Machine Ethics

“There are no objective values.” J.L Mackie, 1977, p. 15 Humanity has no moral canon which a common set of ethics can stem from. There is conflict all around us. Most, if not all conflicts arise out of differences in opinions, which in turn occur because people have their own set of unique morals. The […]

Toaster Ovens Space-Based Protectors of the Planet

NASA has begun a new mission to create a weather forecast for space. The SunRISE experiment ( Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment) is an experiment designed to track and better understand giant space weather storms caused by solar flares from our suns corona. In a statement released by NASA, the project will release six CubeSat […]


Shoe Soles with Superpowers?

We at Quarksnews have recently held an interview with a consultant and representative of VOXX discussing the new release of a shoe sole that gives you enhanced abilities. This technology can be felt instantly by nearly all people who experience this, and our consultant believes it can be spread most by public demos. Us here […]


Neuralink: Has Elon Musk Gone Too Far?

What is Neuralink? Neuralink is the new company that Elon Musk has set up which aims to bridge the border between mind and machine. By inserting 10’000 electrodes into your brain, Neuralink will allow the subject to control and run things with their mind. Musk states that there are two goals for this technology; the […]

The Google Daydream: A Review

This product, released in 2016, has managed to stay near the top of the market for high quality, yet affordable VR headset. The remote is easy to recenter and stays centred for long periods of time whilst keeping accurate to your hand movements. Whether its fighting and spell casting or playing mini golf this has […]


How smart glass is going to save the world

Researcher Dr. Glen Bremmar at the University of British Colombia has developed a dynamic glazed, or more commonly known as “smart glass”. This smart glass is sensitive to thermochromism (heat), photochromism (light), and electrochemical oxidisation (electricity) and can change colour when stimulated by these energies. The material change when will go through a chemical change once stimulated making a screen […]

The Mysteries Behind The Strangest Emoji’s

Emojis have become a vital part of the world. There are small cartoons can add expression to an argument, brighten up a text and even help couples know about each other’s feelings. Yet more than hundred emojis, on peoples keyboards, I find people today do not seem to understand a fairly large amount of our […]