As the flooding, as fire ants usually do, they came together to form floating colonies to stay alive. In a study conducted by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology. They found that fire ants link their bodies with one another to ensure colonies stick together — an action made possible thanks to the sticky pads underneath their feet. When faced with obstacles such as water, the fire ants in the thousands go into survival mode by forming rafts like structures. The finished product resembles a pile of dirt or sand, but upon closer inspection, the moving ants are visible. In a study from the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences done in 2011, found that a group of fire ants can sustain buoyancy in water from days to weeks, assembling the raft in as few as 100 seconds. Both utterly brilliant and completely terrifying. Yet the mystery still remains on how they communicate and who controls their natural phenomenon.


Credits picture: Turnbull FL, (no changes were made)  

The total solar eclipse that occurred on the 21 August 2017 was the first in 99 years in the US and Across the Atlantic. And there have only been eight total solar eclipses in the last 500 years that have been visible from the UK. The next not being expected until the 23rd of September 2090. 

The Moon travels between the Earth and the Sun on a monthly basis, but due to its orbit being tilted to around 5 degrees, compared to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, yet the Moon is usually too high or too low in the sky to get in the way of the Sun’s light. But about once every 18 months, it lines up directly between the Earth and the Sun allowing the Moon to cast its shadow on Earth, causing a total eclipse. Yet this can fall anywhere on earth and as only 26 percent of the earth’s surface is inhabited not many eclipses are seen.

Actually, we can only see eclipses at all because of a term called ‘cosmic coincidence’. Meaning that eclipses don’t happen on all planets yet due to utter luck and complete chance, us on earth can observe this phenomenon first hand. This cosmic coincidence is due to the Sun being approximately 400 times bigger than the Moon, yet also being to be about 400 times further away from us. This makes them appear around the same size when viewed from Earth, so the Moon is able to block out the entire Sun for short periods of time. This exact matchup does vary slightly due to the Moon’s distance from us constantly varying due to its not circular orbit. Allowing for the variation in types of solar eclipse.


Daan Roosegaarde,a Rotterdam-based designer, hopes to turn every bicycle into a personal smog scrubber. 

Although it’s being proposed in China, this kind of innovation would be important in cities around the world, Roosegaarde says that many big cities are often coated in a toxic mix of water droplets and small particles emitted from construction or transportation turning into large amounts of this slick dust. Which is linked to a number of respiratory illnesses and even heart disease. Every year, air pollution like is linked to as many as 7 million deaths globally.

“Living in the city of Beijing is the equivalent of 17 or 18 cigarettes a day, without the pleasure of the nicotine.” Roosegaarde 

By offering Beijingers a smog-cleaning solution, he hopes to further encourage China’s return to biking and prove that the concept can work in other cities. “Basically for me, it’s about designing to improve life,” he says. “How can we use creative thinking and technology to improve the environment and live better?”

Though the smog-busting bike is only a concept at the moment, Roosegaarde believes he’s shown the impact of his eco-sensitive design before.