As the flooding, as fire ants usually do, they came together to form floating colonies to stay alive. In a study conducted by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology. They found that fire ants link their bodies with one another to ensure colonies stick together — an action made possible thanks to the sticky pads underneath their feet. When faced with obstacles such as water, the fire ants in the thousands go into survival mode by forming rafts like structures. The finished product resembles a pile of dirt or sand, but upon closer inspection, the moving ants are visible. In a study from the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences done in 2011, found that a group of fire ants can sustain buoyancy in water from days to weeks, assembling the raft in as few as 100 seconds. Both utterly brilliant and completely terrifying. Yet the mystery still remains on how they communicate and who controls their natural phenomenon.


Credits picture: Turnbull FL, (no changes were made)  

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